Month: March 2019

A New Journey

About a year ago, I got my diagnosis of Behcet’s disease and I sighed with relief. It was relief to finally find a doctor who knew what was wrong with my body. After many years of struggling with symptoms and sometimes wondering whether I had a mental disease, I...
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Oh my hair!

About a year ago, I began the natural hair journey. My reason for doing so was that I was losing a lot of hair due to inflammation. Well, it worked. The hair loss decreased considerably, and my hair became thick and healthy. Obviously, I got used to my hair...
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Convalescence (Recovery)

I have been feeling better each day, with my blood sugar under control and the inflammation in my body also responding well to the immuno-suppressors. All things considered, I feel wellness on its way. However, I still get fatigued fast and I cannot go through a whole day without...
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