Convalescence (Recovery)

I have been feeling better each day, with my blood sugar under control and the inflammation in my body also responding well to the immuno-suppressors. All things considered, I feel wellness on its way. However, I still get fatigued fast and I cannot go through a whole day without sleeping in the afternoon. And still, by evening, I am so exhausted it physically hurts! (I am now on morphine slow release pills, so my pain has been under control).

All the same, with the energetic mornings I had been having, the thought of starting to exercise again came, and I decided to try some yoga. Surprisingly, it was too much. My body was over-taxed, and I woke up the next day feeling like something the cat dragged in. I decided to go to the internet and do some research on how to begin exercise after a long period of illness. As I was flipping through the pages, I remembered the word ‘convalescence’. Once upon a time in primary school, we learnt about the phases of illness and recovery, and convalescence was the phase between full recovery and full illness. It is a period where one feels well but cannot yet take up all the tasks required by their daily life. That is where I am. It turns out, that there isn’t much on the topic. It seems that the word has disappeared from the ‘health dictionary’.

In my opinion, it is a very crucial phase that determines how a person will get into full recovery. Kathleen et al. (2013) goes into detail on the importance of the convalescent phase, pointing out that research has shown that the rest required during that period also limits the chances of the patient having to go back to hospital with the same illness. It was quite interesting to read on how the phase was appreciated in past times, and how it has come to be forgotten in recent times, leading to the poor health of society. Try and read it if you get the time. It is a short piece.

I am getting carried away with this topic😊 At the end of my research, I decided to take more time resting and to stop feeling guilty about it. Guilt about sleeping is inevitable when you have spent more than two months in bed! But I’m trying to go through this phase of recovery with grace and patience😊


Kathleen, C. et al. (October 16, 2013) Convalescence: the forgotten phase of illness recovery. Medical Care Research and Review vol.71, pp.00-111. Accessed: 3rd October 2019.

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