Flare Up

I’ve been in a flare-up for the last two weeks and this time it has really landed on my left leg. I have hot nerve pain all day! From my hip all the way down to my toes. I can’t drive because our car is a stick -shift (manual gear) and I need my left leg for that. I love driving. I learnt how to drive only three years ago, and I am yet to enjoy the thrill of it. Maybe it’s because within those three years, I have not been able to do much of it. Why? Flare-ups!! I guess in a way there is a positive side to it. At least I have something to look forward to doing when I’m feeling a kind of wellness.

The word ‘flare-up’ sort of controls everything you do once you have an autoimmune disease. When you are in remission, you do everything to ensure you do not get a flare-up, and when in a flare-up, you do everything to ensure that the flare-up does not get worse. Because of the flare, I have been on higher doses of prednisone than usual. I had managed to come down to 10mg a day, but now I’m on 30mg a day. My rheumatologist always tries to catch the flare before it gets too bad so that I can avoid extremely high doses of prednisone. So, I have the trademark moon-face at the moment 🙂 lol. I hate it! NO mirrors for me for a few weeks lol.

So, what triggered the flare? I took a trip. A holiday trip to the country’s coastline for a week. The result, I came back sick! Sigh! A vacation should refresh you and make you energised to take on life for a few more months. But no! not when you have an autoimmune disease. Apparently, Behcet’s doesn’t like travel!! It seems I got tired and now I’m sick. I’m sure you identify. Some of the things that an average person takes for granted. Like going for a vacation and coming back rested or having had fun. Let’s not forget that I had to avoid spending too much time in the sun because my skin can’t take it despite using sunscreen SPF50+ and my skin is African! Sun should not be an issue!!! But hey, with the years I’ve spent on steroids the sun feels like it’s scorching my skin even after a few minutes. I could go on and on about flares.

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