Just another Saturday

Just another Saturday
Just another Saturday

Today has been long. I spent the whole morning in hospital together with my husband and two children. Luckily, my children are already used to me being sick and frequent visits to the hospital, so they handle it quite well. I was ok yesterday. In fact, I left the house and had a coffee date with a friend just before going to see the physician and getting an I.V injection of antibiotics. The evening was usual, just tiredness and some usual pain.

However, when I woke up today morning my blood sugar was so low I could not lift myself enough to get out of bed. I laid there for about fifteen minutes trying to drag myself. Eventually, I mastered enough effort to drag myself to the kitchen. I was lucky enough to find my husband awake. I saw him and felt relief as I let myself fall to the floor to sit. He assisted me with glucose and some almond milk, then he helped me to the couch. I fell asleep and woke up at around ten o’clock feeling worse. I was in a lot of pain on my lower left chest going straight to the back and I could barely breath because of the pain. I also had terrible nausea and abdominal pain.

We decided to leave the house and buy some food (there was nothing to eat in the house…a consequence of mummy being sick a lot is that we buy food most of the time because cooking is impossible a lot of the time). On the way to get food the pain got much worse and I started vomiting. We rushed, bought food (to feed the kids who were in the car with us) and then left for the hospital. After pain shots and anti-emetic shots, I was feeling more human. The doctor explained to me that the infection I was being treated for had exacerbated and I need two different antibiotics to clear it in addition to the shots I was getting. This was to continue for five more days! I braced myself remembering that I have troublesome veins that inflame almost immediately they are injected.

And that is the life of immunosuppression! Three days ago, all I thought I had was a cold!

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