Support systems: Friends and Family

Support System - Family and Friends
Support System – Family and Friends

I had a fantastic weekend! I went swimming with my family and friends and spent the whole day just playing in the incredibly warm water at the Lake Bogoria Spa, that makes your skin feel like new. I dare say we had more fun than the children! 😉 It was priceless looking at their little faces disapproving our behaviour! They would take turns coming to the side of the pool calling us, “parents!… we need you to come out of the pool!” as we tried hard to keep our faces straight. Although that didn’t help much. We still ended up bursting with laughter at their frustration of seeing us having too much fun 😊

Well, these are memories that have kept me going this week. It feels like it’s been seven days although it has only been 3 days since that Saturday. After we came back home, I fell sick. Inflammation flare up, bacterial infection, fungal infection and a surprise I never saw coming, high blood glucose. I’ve been to the emergency room every night and morning for pain shots, insulin, and re-hydration. Not forgetting the blood tests and scans. It’s been gruelling to say the least. I felt my heart sink to new levels. The thought that on top of Bechet’s disease I now have to worry about diabetes! Sigh. I am still waiting for thyroid function tests to come out so that I can find out whether this is my new reality. Crossing fingers very tightly that it is not so.

A silver lining in all this remains my family and friends. First, my mum dropped everything she was doing to come help me take care of my kids. And thanks to that, they have not yet noticed how sick I’ve been, because they have busy terrorising their grandmother. Secondly, My husband has been working at night, and taking me back and forth from the hospital while keeping me company through all this.

Thirdly, one of my good friends left me comments on my blog encouraging me to keep going, clueless as to how much those words meant to my day…correction, week! I also bumped into another friend at the coffee shop and she was gave me tips on how to avoid temptations of the evil muffins! 😊 she has no idea much that brightened my day as well. Later on, she took up the task of helping me find the right foods to eat, while the other swore solidarity in joining me in the new low sugar diet! 😊 How lucky I am to receive so much love.

All these small things pick me up from some dark corners of my mind when my spirit is languishing in despair. When the fight is gone. So, to all the friends and family of people dealing with chronic illness, we love and appreciate every little thing you say and do. We can fight because you are there to urge us on in your different ways!

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