Sweet taste of Fun!

Sweet taste of Fun
Sweet taste of Fun

I had a fantastic weekend! My painkillers were working, and I was feeling close to normal 😊 It was a friend’s farewell party which gave us a chance to party and camp…well, the men camped while my friend Zu and I got a cosy room to sleep in. Lol. Talk of self-love! It was the first time my kids had slept in a hotel (while old enough to remember) and they were very excited to play till night and then share a room with their friends. Needless to say, apart from it being a party to say good bye to a good friend, it was all fun and happiness, all day and night!

It felt so good doing “stuff” outside the house after being bed-ridden for so long. I was starting to get agoraphobic! The thought of leaving the house had become so terrifying that I would turn down any suggestions to do so. But being out this weekend reminded how to live once more. In fact, I drove my family back home from the camping site, which was around 20 minutes away from our house. Quite an achievement! Especially, considering that I have not been able to do so in a few months. The painful diabetic neuropathy has affected my whole left side making it very painful to step on the clutch. Sometimes my left foot lets go of the clutch involuntarily while I’m trying to drive over a bump then the car goes off. So, being able to drive for twenty minutes was a thrill!

I could go on and on about this weekend because there are so many good things to talk about, but I’m ‘running out of paper’ unfortunately. I must take my daughter for a flu shot. She has been getting too many colds and it’s taking a toll on me too because I catch all her colds (immunosuppressors).

Cheers to good friends and good times! May they find happiness wherever they are!

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