Tag: chronic illness

A lonely Existence

The summer holidays began in early July, and my children have been home from school since then. We got a chance to travel to the coast of Kenya together with some friends and their children. It has been a fantastic holiday! For a long time now, my husband and...
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I have not been writing for about a month, until now. I can finally say confidently, that after a year of daily pain etc., I finally see recovery approaching. I am taking Gabapentin for fibromyalgia and it has been working well so far, which has reduced the number of...
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Chronic Illness and Dreams

The dreams I am speaking of here aren’t those that we get when sleeping. Although, I do miss remembering my dreams… Nowadays when I sleep, I don’t dream…or I don’t remember anything if I do dream… I don’t know. One of the two. I digress. The dreams I am...
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