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Things you learn when living with chronic disease

It’s a little ambitious for me to write the topic as above, but I could not find a better way to summarize today’s content. I like to pass my time on Pintrest, and the other day while doing so, I came by a page written by someone who has...
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This May

It has been a long month. I had started taking Duzac for fibromyalgia pain, and surprisingly, the pain did get better. However, I had a myriad of horrible side-effects! I fell into deep depression with suicidal thoughts, I had manic periods, and trouble peeing. It was so hard to...
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A New Journey

About a year ago, I got my diagnosis of Behcet’s disease and I sighed with relief. It was relief to finally find a doctor who knew what was wrong with my body. After many years of struggling with symptoms and sometimes wondering whether I had a mental disease, I...
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