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I have not been writing for about a month, until now. I can finally say confidently, that after a year of daily pain etc., I finally see recovery approaching. I am taking Gabapentin for fibromyalgia and it has been working well so far, which has reduced the number of...
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Convalescence (Recovery)

I have been feeling better each day, with my blood sugar under control and the inflammation in my body also responding well to the immuno-suppressors. All things considered, I feel wellness on its way. However, I still get fatigued fast and I cannot go through a whole day without...
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Sweet taste of Fun!

I had a fantastic weekend! My painkillers were working, and I was feeling close to normal 馃槉 It was a friend鈥檚 farewell party which gave us a chance to party and camp鈥ell, the men camped while my friend Zu and I got a cosy room to sleep in. Lol....
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