The forgotten heroes

Forgotten Heroes
Forgotten Heroes

The care givers of those with chronic diseases often get forgotten. Their role is lost behind the scenes. I want all those taking care of us to know that you are appreciated and irreplaceable. You deserve so much happiness and we hope that it comes your way every day. The love, support and dedication you show us does not go unnoticed.

It has been a long week. I have had so many emotions about this week, and it follows that I went to Pinterest where I follow a group of people living with various chronic illnesses called ‘The Mighty’ – It is a group that I would recommend for any one this side of the fence. I find the page informative and encouraging. This time I found a page on emotions. There was an emotions chart to help one figure out what they are feeling about a situation. I went through it, and at the end realized that I was holding back a lot of frustration trying to get by the days positively. It gets hard at times. Having a hurricane turn your world upside down and the only choice you have is to accept it.

Last time I wrote that I was waiting for some blood tests to come out because of blood glucose issues I had been having. The tests came out and now I have Diabetes Mellitus. I have been on pills and insulin to control the sugar. It’s complicated because my prednisolone dose has had to be tapered off prematurely (I was just coming out of a flare-up), so the pain levels have increased and so has the unbearable fatigue. Moving an arm feels like an achievement!! Being a naturally active person physically, I find this is quite limiting and annoying. I can’t do much by myself and I constantly need a lot of help.

Back to the topic of today, while this has been happening to me, my husband has been the one piecing me together and trying to keep me from unravelling physically, emotionally, and mentally. He is always by my side making sure I’m comfortable and I have everything I need. It feels inadequate to describe his role in such few words considering the weight of his actions in my life. How can one find words to really illuminate the role of care givers? It encompasses so much! Only those who live it understand. From outside looking in, it is easy to think that anyone can take up the role. But when it comes down to it, not many people can live their daily lives dedicating themselves to another with so much sacrifice. Often being forced to put aside their own desires for those they love.

Once again, to all the care givers in the world, you are appreciated, not only for what you do for us, but also for who you are. For your hearts of gold.

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