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This May – Behcets

It has been a long month. I had started taking Duzac for fibromyalgia pain, and surprisingly, the pain did get better. However, I had a myriad of horrible side-effects! I fell into deep depression with suicidal thoughts, I had manic periods, and trouble peeing. It was so hard to simply push out urine. Not to forget the excessive sweating (yet it’s currently a rainy season here in Kenya). My sweating had gotten worse when I developed diabetes, but with the daily insulin shots it had improved. I however, do not have any words to describe sweating with duzac! The word ‘profusely’ is an understatement. I would go to shower and start sweating immediately after I wipe myself. Not small pores of sweat, no, I would look like I have just come from a HIIT workout. So, I would sit in the bedroom in my birthday suit wiping away the sweat for like fifteen minutes until I cool down then I would get dressed in the lightest clothing possible. I also had to keep changing my bed sheets and pillowcase every other day! Usually, I do it once a week. And oh! The discomfort of leaving the house and looking like a sweating monster! I do not miss it!

That is a short description of why I quit Duzac. Unfortunately, the pain is back and I have spent  the last two weeks bedridden on most days. Yesterday, I went to see the Rheumatologist and he changed my nerve medication to low dose pregabalin(I had an intolerance to this as well) and Cachnerve. I am to take the combination for seven days then return for a review. The ride to the doctor was horrible. We had to stop along the way for me to throw up, and yet I have diabetes which makes my sugar drop in such instances. I had carried some snacks to keep my sugar normal but the throwing up was making it hard. Not to mention that I was in unbearable pain. Luckily, the rheumatologist gave me a steroid, a pain shot, plus a shot for the nausea. This made my trip back home much easier,  and I slept the whole way.

I do sympathise with my husband’s plight though. He was quite tense the whole journey because of how I was feeling.

Today has turned out well. The pain is much less, although i’m back on a higher prednisolone dose. I had done such a good job of tapering off down to 5mg a day! But it’s been increased to 10mg. I hope I can one day leave prednisolone so that it can stop aggravating the diabetes. Sigh. Life with chronic illnesses that contradict each other! I am also on treatment for a H.pylori recurred infection. Apparently the infection was the culprit behind the flare up. Needless to say, my pill organiser is packed! yuck.

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